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    British Open 2012


    Июл 19, 2012

    Tiger Woods’s four year major slump has been bad for television ratings, but it has been very good for parity. Between 2000 and 2008, Woods won 12 of the 36 majors played, and every tournament began with the expectation that Tiger would win the title.

    Since 2009, it has been practically impossible to predict who will win a major. In the 14 majors played in that time, there have been 14 different winners. Of those 14, 12 have won the first major of their career. This is the greatest period of parity in modern golf history.

    This is very good news for the many talented golfers on the Tour who are still seeking their first major win. Instead of entering a major praying that Tiger has an off day or two, every golfer on the Tour knows that if they can string together four good days on the links, they could win their first major.

    At this year’s British Open, some of the best golfers in the world, including six of the top ten ranked golfers, will attempt to win the first major of their career. Here we look at 10 golfers who are on top of their games and are poised to win the first major of their career at Royal Lytham.